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2 tum kameraadapter med T-gänga

2 tum kameraadapter med T-gänga2 tum kameraadapter med T-gänga

295 kr

Pris inklusive moms: 295 kr
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This well made lathe turned 2 inch camera adapter is designed to fit SLR and DSLR cameras (via T adaptor) to all telescopes with 2" eyepiece holders.

High quality, CNC machined 2" T Adapter to fit standard 2" focusers. This adapter can be combined with a T Ring (T2 Ring) to attach DSLR cameras to your telescope. Threaded for 2" astronomical filters, this 2" version is recommended for telescopes with 2" focusers, as a 2" to 1.25" adaptor is then not required providing a more secure connection for expensive CCD and DSLR cameras.

CNC machined 2" T adaptor. Threaded for filters. Black anodised finish.

Note that a standard T-thread adapter for your particular brand of SLR is required.

2" camera adaptor - ideal for DSLRs and CCD cameras

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