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Antares dual-speed Crayford focuser for SCTs

Antares dual-speed Crayford focuser for SCTsAntares dual-speed Crayford focuser for SCTsAntares dual-speed Crayford focuser for SCTs

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New! Superbly engineered dual-speed Crayford focuser for SCTs! Designed to fit the rear cell visual-back thread found on all popular SCTs made by Meade, Celestron as well as similar fittings used by other manufacturers.

This new Antares focuser is the ideal upgrade to combat mirror shift and sloppy focus of commercial SCTs.

The Antares dual-speed Crayford focuser features a focus control with 1:1 and 10:1 speed ratios allowing superbly smooth and precise focusing at all magnifications. The focuser attaches to the telescope via a holder with a female visual-back thread that also allows the focuser to be rotated through 360 degrees (by loosening three grub screws).

The overall length of the focuser (minus the 1.25" to 2" eyepiece adaptor), measuring from the edge of the mounting flange is 72mm. Racked out the total focuser tube extension(again minus the eyepiece adaptor) is 107mm.

The focuser is fully (360 degrees)rotatable when fitted to the telescope.

The focuser has adjustable tension and stiffness making it ideal for carrying heavier eyepieces and cameras. And a great feature allows the focus point to be locked by actually disengaging the focus control knob by simply tweaking a thumb knob.

This is a beautifully engineered focuser and it functions every bit as well as it looks! There is absolutely no backlash and the adjustment can be super light-touch or stiff as you need it - but always with an ultra smooth feel.

At last, a superb, affordable, dual speed Crayford focuser for SCTs!

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