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Antares 1.25" Binoviewer head

Antares 1.25" Binoviewer headAntares 1.25" Binoviewer head

2 395 kr

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New improved version with larger BaK4 prisms and collet type eyepiece holders (no thumbscrews!).

The internal optics of this binocular viewer are identical to models offered by Burgess Optical, Celestron, and Williams Optics. Why pay more when you can buy a top-quality binoviewer at a great low price?

Description A top-quality light-weight binoviewer with brilliant enlarged BaK4 prisms, and 2x solid aluminium dust caps. The binoviewer is supplied with a tough aluminium carry case.

If you think you've had great views of the Moon and planets through your scope, just wait until you've looked through a good binoviewer!

This binoviewer is made in the same factory as the ones sold by some of the world's most exacting astro-equipment suppliers. You simply won't believe your eyes when you see the Moon and planets with this binoviewer - you'll spend longer at the eyepiece since it's so comfortable, and so you'll see so much more. This binoviewer is ideal for use with the Meade ETX 90, 105 and 125, all Meade and Celestron SCTs; and all refractors that have at least 100mm of in-focus travel (the ability to move the eyepiece holder inwards).

Until now, the convenience of viewing through a telescope with both eyes has been an experience enjoyed by the privileged few due to the technical complexity and thus expense of the kit. However, this binoviewer combines excellent performance and quality with a great low price. Weighing in at 500g (17.5ozs) without eyepieces) this binoviewer is ideally suited for use even with the smallest telescope.

Seeing is believing!

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