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Mini-dovetail block (for Giro, AZtech & most EQMs)

Mini-dovetail block (for Giro, AZtech & most EQMs)Mini-dovetail block (for Giro, AZtech & most EQMs)Mini-dovetail block (for Giro, AZtech & most EQMs)

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A useful dovetail mounting block for attaching smaller instruments to a wide range of standard equatorial mountings as well as the Giro, AZTech and just about any mount that uses the standard dovetail fitting format. Fits Z-80 clones and many other similar small scopes including solar scopes like the Coronado PST.

This dovetail is made from flat aluminium sheet and will not fail suddenly and catastrophically like the cast aluminium versions are prone to do. ScopeTeknix products are made by British company Astro Engineering - a company with over 20 years experience with this type of product.

The block has two mounting holes, one of which is obround (1x 7mm dia & 1x 7mm x 12mm) set 23mm apart (center to center) and can accommodate fitting centers 20mm up to 26mm apart.

Supplied with 2x 1/4" Whitworth stainless steel socket-cap fastener and hex key.


Size: 55mm long x (42.5mm widest and 36mm narrowest)

Finish: self-colour

A useful and secure dovetail mounting block for small scopes.

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