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AC421 Pro-Pier for Losmandy GM11 & GM8

AC421 Pro-Pier for Losmandy GM11 & GM8AC421 Pro-Pier for Losmandy GM11 & GM8

6 719 kr

Pris inklusive moms: 6 719 kr
Beräknad leveranstid: 14 dagar

As result of direct research AE have a close understanding of the causes of vibration in small observatory installations. This knowledge has been exploited in the design of the MegaWedge Pro Observatory Pier. The Pro pier uses our tried and tested anti-vibration design technology but with the benefit of a specially designed and CNC manufactured marry plate for the needs of the Losmandy GM11 (and GM8). The pier can be bolted directly to a suitable concrete founding block. Manufactured from heavy steel for the base and aluminium for the CNC head the Pro-Pier is finished in black stipple-finish resin powder coating. Specification: 1100mm (43.3") high (without wedge).

A research grade anti-vibration pier designed for Losmandy GEM mounts

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