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Zenith PM-1 x20 Primary Inspection Microscope

Zenith PM-1 x20 Primary Inspection MicroscopeZenith PM-1 x20 Primary Inspection MicroscopeZenith PM-1 x20 Primary Inspection Microscope

735 kr

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A high quality instrument of robust, reliable metal construction and excellent optical performance. Highly recommended for Primary Science Education and Field Study Centres (officially approved by the Royal Microscopical Society for use in primary schools). Extremely simple to use, the PM-1 is ideal for the examination of everyday objects (coins, gems, insects etc) in fascinating yet understandable detail.

The anti-tamper child/student proof design includes locked-on eyepiece & stage clips and a slip clutch on the focus movement.

The PM-1 is an extremely useful routine inspection microscope for use in industrial applications such as circuit boards, solder joints etc.

So what's so great about the PM-1?

This is a handsome and well made instrument. All its controls operate smoothly and it is great for looking at everyday objects. The attraction of this type of instrument is that it does not use glass slides and but instead offers close-up highly controlled images of solid objects. Simple objects like the tip of a ball-point pen or a leaf become an absorbing spectacle that encourages further study. This microscope is an ideal instrument for children 7+.


Fixed Magnification x20

x10 wide-field eyepiece (locked on)

x2 achromatic objective

Field of view 9.5mm

Working distance 81mm

Monocular head inclined 45 degrees & rotatable 360 degrees for convenient viewing

Upright/erect image

Precise, smooth-action rack & pinion focusing

Black & White reversible Stage Plate With Stage Plate removed the microscope can focus through base aperture to view larger objects

Complete with Dust Cover

Supplied in polystyrene pack

Dimensions 145x110x260mm

Weight 1.2kg

A great microscope for studying larger objects.

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