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2 piece Super Plössl eyepiece upgrade set

2 piece Super Plössl eyepiece upgrade set

330 kr

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Antares Deluxe 1.25" 2x (and 1.5x) Barlowlins
Antares Deluxe 1.25" 2x (and 1.5x) Barlowlins
325 kr

Pris inklusive moms: 330 kr
Lagerstatus: I lager

Two piece Super Plössl eyepiece upgrade kit This great kit normally sells for nearly 500 kr but we're offering it for just 330 kr!

If you have a starter scope equipped with MA (Modified Achromat) eyepieces this upgrade set will improve all your views regardless of the telescope design. The eyepieces normally supplied with a starter instruments are quite basic and only good enough to get you going - they typically have a narrow field of view and only three glass elements.

The two Plössls supplied in this kit are all metal construction with 4 elements with anti-reflection coatings on all air surfaces. They have 52 degree fields of view and standard filter threads on the chrome metal nose-pieces. The internal barrels are painted matt black for maximum contrast. They are supplied in anti-dust and moisture plastic cases.

Our expert says: Starter scopes today are great, they provide an excellent low-cost route for people of all ages to get involved with astronomy - and the scopes we are selling today are probably the best they have ever been. But most have a weak spot, and that's the quality of the eyepieces supplied. The eyepiece is very important to the function of the telescope as it is this critical part that mediates the light and detail collected by the telescope and presents it to your eye. Quite simply,if you are looking for the best views, the eyepieces are 51% of the deal. Improve the eyepieces and you'll be on your way to getting the very best out of your telescope. RJD

Click the link below to see our informative video presentation that explains the importance of eyepieces:

Upgrading your eyepeiecs - the first steps

A great low-cost way to boost your telescope's performance.

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