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Sky-Watcher 17Ah Rechargeable Power Tank

Sky-Watcher 17Ah Rechargeable Power TankSky-Watcher 17Ah Rechargeable Power Tank

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Sky-Watcher 17Ah Rechargeable Power Tank

Multi-function rechargeable power supply for use with all scopes needing a 12volt power source

Click the link below to see our video presentation on telescope power supplies:

Powering your scope video roundup

  • 250A Cranking Amp, Jump Start System - 5 sec

  • Radio - AM/FM/SIREN

  • Built-in Spotlight/Flashlight

  • Angle adjustable Halogen Spotlight - said to be 800,000cp

  • Built-in Circuit Breaker and fuse to Ensure Safe Operation

  • Diagnostics L.E.D. shows Battery Status

  • Multi-Voltage D.C. Output - 12V/9V/6V/3V

  • Cord Storage Compartment

  • Built-in booster cable set in a well protected compartment

  • Detachable flashlight with ON/OFF/FLASH function

  • Built-in 12V 17Ah Sealed Lead-Acid rechargeable battery

  • DC Cord with car plug is included

  • Mains charger, with UK & Euro adaptor plugs

  • Portable power supply for your scope at a great price.

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