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SkyWatcher Basic 1.25" fit 2x Barlowlins

SkyWatcher  Basic 1.25" fit  2x Barlowlins

175 kr

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This is good quality 2x Barlow lens by Sky Watcher with all plastic body but with good quality optical glass lens.

Simply insert the Barlow lens between the eyepiece and the telescope and enjoy double the magnification of every eyepiece used with the Barlow. (ie if your eyepiece delivers 50x normally then when used with the 2x Barlow the magnification will be 100x).

The Barlow is ideal for use with low-powered (long focal length) eyepieces to deliver higher powers, but with maximum eye-relief and viewing comfort. This is a good quality Barlow lens in an economical plastic body mounting. It offers high-powered views with a high standard of colour correction at a classic low price - ideal for planetary and lunar observing. Best performance when used with long focal length eyepieces (8mm and longer).

Supplied with dust caps.

A good quality 2x Barlow for basic telescopes.

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