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ScopeTeknix 1.25" Gen2 deluxe laser collimator for astro telescopes

ScopeTeknix 1.25" Gen2 deluxe laser collimator for astro telescopesScopeTeknix 1.25" Gen2 deluxe laser collimator for astro telescopes

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This ScopeTeknix Gen2 high prescision laser collimator is the perfect way to collimate Newtonian reflectors and collimatable refractors and has many features not found on standard laser collimators.

Special features of the Gen2 collimator:

Variable brightness laserThe laser features a seven step control knob allowing beam glare and scatter to be minimised.

Factory set accuracy The construction of the Gen2 collimator is very different from standard lasers and has a permanent and precisely adjusted laser modul as opposed to the user adjustable 'key-ring' type lasers employed by most standard lasers. No additional adjustment is required from the user - ever!

Easy battery change The battery compartment is easily accessed under a screw cap (see bottom picture). And changing the battery, unlike standard collimators, runs no risk or mal-adjusting the laser.

The collimator employs the popular 3v CR2032 battery (1x included).

This new-style unit features a side window and 45 degree clear white target face with markings for centre, vertical and horizontal alignment for convenient and ultra-prescise adjustment.

The side window allows the user to make adjustments of the main mirror and see the return beam position without moving position to examine the target face.

This top-quality instrument is supplied by with full colour illustrated instructions.

Quality CNC-manufacturing, fully anodised body with easy battery replacement with losing collimator accuracy.

Supplied in storage and transport container with full instructions.

Ideal for use with any Newtonian reflector (Dobbos etc) or refracting telescope

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