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Astro box 4 piece starter pack

Astro box 4 piece starter packAstro box 4 piece starter packAstro box 4 piece starter pack

215 kr

Pris inklusive moms: 215 kr
Lagerstatus: I lager

The Publisher's normal price for this highly recommended kit is 323 kr, we've got it reduced to just 215 kr!

Everything you need to get started! You get two books, Stargazing with a Telescope and Star Finder, as well as a Star Chart and Planisphere.

From setting up your telescope through to locating distant nebulae, it's all here. You save by getting all these items together in the Astro-Box - and, of course, it makes the perfect gift for someone just starting out exploring the night sky!

Astro Box contents:

Philip's Stargazing with a Telescope: A clear and well written guide that covers from choosing the right telescope to setting it up and finding the best targets in the night sky.

Philip's Star Finder: is a planner showing planets, stars and constellations visible month by month.

Philip's Planisphere for the UK: pinpoints the stars and constellations visible on any night of the year. (SnS opinion: The Philips Planisphere is just a great tool! It is one of the first gadgets I got as a shool boy and over 35 years later - it's a little worn and scratched and has a small crack but I still use it a few times every month!). Click the bottom picture for close-up detail.

Philip's Star Chart: the stars of the night sky in three superb colour maps.

Supplied in a rigid and cleverly designed (the lid of the box closes tight with a hidden magnet!) storage box.

These four invaluable items would normally cost �26.96 bought seperatly!

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