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Revelation Astro 1.25" 2x (and 1.5x) Barlowlins

Revelation Astro 1.25" 2x (and 1.5x) BarlowlinsRevelation Astro 1.25" 2x (and 1.5x) Barlowlins

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The Revelation Astro 2x Barlow Lens is an excellent choice for those in search of a good quality, good value 1.25" barlow lens. Featuring fully multicoated optical surfaces and neat, compact design, this Barlow will be of great use both visually and photographically with a wide variety of telescopes.

Click the link below to see our informative video introduction to Barlow lenses:

An introduction to Barlow lenses

The Revelation Astro 2x and 1.5x Barlow lens comes with contrast-boosting blackened lens edging and an unscrewable, removable optical assembly, which can be screwed into a wide variety of eyepieces and accessories via a standard 1.25" filter thread. This alters the effective magnification of the barlow element, and is dependent on the spacing of optical surfaces. The usual spacing in an average sized 1.25" eyepiece yields a magnification of around 1.4x to 1.6x (usually referred to as 1.5x) when used in this fashion. This element removal can be very useful when attempting webcam imaging of the Moon and planets and allows each eyepiece in your collection to deliver three useful magnifications.


Barrel Size: 1.25 inch (31.7mm)

Magnification Factor: 2x

Type: Achromatic

Coatings: Fully multicoated, Blackened lens edges

Weight: 3.3oz

Height (Total): 78mm

End Caps: 2

Made in Taiwan

A superior Barlow at a low price.

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