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Bresser Biorit ICD stereomikroskop

Bresser Biorit ICD stereomikroskop

1 895 kr

Microscope essentials

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This well-built general inspection microscope offers advanced binocular design and versatile performance combined with high grade easy-to-use optics.

Stereo Viewing The Biorit ICD is a Stereo microscope with a magnification of 20x.

The new stereo view Biorit ICD is the succesful combination of good price, high quality and useful eqipment. It is very suitable for viewing coins, stamps, minerals and many more targets.

All case parts are made of steel and aluminium; thus raises the Biorit ICD above the "toy" class and give a solid base for the beginner and also for the experienced user

The combination of 10x of high grade wide field eyepieces, and the 2x objective make possible the 20x magnification with all the advantages of premium optical qualities and a bright top-down illumination system.

View larger items The height adjustable binocular head and 70mm deep target stage, allows for observations of larger items such as rocks or thick circuit boards etc with ease.

Built-in illumination An integrated illumination (12V / 10W) gives bright and even light onto the object.


Magnification: 20x (Power of the instument)

Eyepieces 10x widefield with rubber eye-cups (Magnification of eyepieces)

Eye Relief Adjustable 54 - 75mm

Objective 2x stereo, (Magnification of objective lenses )

Microscope type: Stereo inspection

Illumination 12V / 10W

Net Weight: 2.2 kg

Dimensions: 175 x 115 x 270mm

Accepts Eyepiece Barrel: 30.5mm

Power Supply: 230V~ AC mains

Standard accessories: pop-on rubber eyecups, spare bulb, spare fuse, dust cover

Illumination: Yes

Type of head: Bino (Binocular)

Camera connection PC (PC Ocular compatible)

The electronic eyepiece (optional accessory, not included) allows viewing and saving the objects on your PC!

The Bresser Erudit ICD: professional stereo performance at a home user price!

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