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Digital handhållet USB-mikroskop

Digital handhållet USB-mikroskopDigital handhållet USB-mikroskop

895 kr

Microscope essentials

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Pris inklusive moms: 895 kr
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Breakthrough in digital microscope technology! The Bresser digital USB hand-held microscope is just 539 kr.

Please note: this combined microscope/camera and stand requires a computer to operate and this is not included in the price.

Trying to explain with text and a couple of still pictures just how good this little microscope is doesn't really do it justice - you really have to see it working to get a sense of just how easy it is to use - and how great the 20x and 200x magnified views are. We can do no better than suggest you view our four minute video - click the link below to see our informative video presentation of this amazing power-packed microscope (please note, the video shows an older design - see the pictures on the left for the current design):

Video demo of the Bresser Digital Hand-Held microscope

Bresser has pitched this brilliant microscope at children because it's just so easy to use - but the picture quality is stunning and in our view it deserves to find a much wider adult market.

Just view on your PC's screen or record 1280 x 1024 high-resolution digital stills and full-motion video to your PC.

This versatile hand-held microscope and stand is suitable for thousands of low to high-power inspection tasks, from parasitology in animal breeding to gem and mineral work. The ability to move quickly over the target being investigated and move to 200x magnification at the twist of a knob makes this instrument immensely versatile and powerful. It will even focus on normal views - just like an ordinary webcam.

Truly, the Bresser hand-held digital microscope is in its element as an easy-to-use discovery tool for children - they'll love investigating the micro-world in the home and around the garden (er, some of us adults enjoy doing this kind of thing too! Ed).

The clever design introduces children to the fun aspects of enquiry and micro-investigation without the intimidation of complex or fragile equipment. Initial setup requires a moderate level of adult supervision - to get the software loaded on the PC - but the careful child could use the product unaided.

The Bresser hand-held digital microscope is suitable for the young (and young at heart) from ages 8 to 80!

The microscope is ultra-easy to use and carries our highest recommendation.

Supplied with instructions (in English).

5 years manufacturer's warranty


Electronic digital hand-held microscope with 1.3 million pixel sensor

USB cable connection

1280 x 1024 high-resolution image size

20x and 200x magnification

Five-year manufacturer's warranty

A great digital microscope for junior microscopists!

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