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This useful 17 piece experiment kit (normally 185 kr) is yours FREE when you buy this mikroskop! The kit provides all the basic utensils necessary for specimen preparation and even includes real specimens. (läs mer)
Stereolupp Biolux 20x Inspection Microscope

Stereolupp Biolux 20x Inspection MicroscopeStereolupp Biolux 20x Inspection MicroscopeStereolupp Biolux 20x Inspection Microscope

795 kr

Microscope essentials

Pris inklusive moms: 795 kr
Lagerstatus: I lager

The Biolux 20x is a handy stereo microscope with binocular head. It is ideal for mobile applications. The illuminator is powered by 2 AA batteries (not included) which makes the microscope independent of any external electrical sources.

Also advantageous is its lightness, despite having a great optical quality. Optimal performance is guaranteed for observations of coins, minerals, stamps, small electric components, etc. A box with mineral samples is included.


Lightness and field portability. Ease of use and quality of views - uses both eyes. USB Microcular camera compatible.

Extremely simple to use, the Biolux 20x is ideal for the examination of everyday objects (coins, gems, insects etc) in fascinating yet understandable detail.

The Biolux 20x is an extremely useful routine inspection microscope for use in industrial applications such as circuit boards, solder joints etc.

So what's so great about the Biolux 20x?

The high quality stereoscopic views set this great inspection microscope apart from its competitors. All its controls operate smoothly and it is great for looking at everyday objects found in the garden and around the house (Well, have you ever seen the ink on the ball of a ballpoint pen?). The attraction of this type of instrument is that it does not use glass slides and instead offers close-up highly controlled images of solid objects. Simple objects like a leaf or a piece of cloth become an absorbing spectacle that encourages further study. This microscope is an ideal instrument for children 7+.


Magnification: 20x

Optical system: Stereo system

Eyepieces: 10x wide field

Objectives: 2x

Illumination: 3 V LED

Power supply: 2 x AA batteries

Included Accessories (see top banner).

A great microscope for studying larger objects.

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