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AC466 LX Solar Finder conversion

AC466 LX Solar Finder conversionAC466 LX Solar Finder conversion

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Simplicity itself to fit and use, the AC466 solar finder fits directly over the front of the standard 50mm finder of the type used on Meade, Celestron, Sky Watcher and many other telescopes.

Simply lock it into place with the nylon thumbscrew, and in seconds your telescope is fitted with a safe solar finder. Your crosshairs are safe from burning through as the solar finder fits like a cap covering the optical finder lens completely. Point the scope in the general direction of the sun and centre the solar image on the target (the target face is translucent and can be viewed from the front and the rear.

Fits virtually all 50mm finders. The solar finder must only be used in conjunction with a safe solar viewing energy rejection filter or other safe solar observing device.

Converts a standard 50mm viewfinder into a safe solar finder

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