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Weathermaster III 7x50 Porro prism binocular

Weathermaster III 7x50 Porro prism binocularWeathermaster III 7x50 Porro prism binocularWeathermaster III 7x50 Porro prism binocular

995 kr

Pris inklusive moms: 995 kr
Lagerstatus: I lager

Despite the name, the Weathermaster 7x50 is not just a seafarer's binocular - it's great for all outdoor enthusiasts who want more than just a basic binocular! 7x magnification, easier to hold steady at sea or on land, in combination with 50mm objective lenses produce fantastic light gathering power essential for twilight and night observation, delivering an exit pupil size of 7.15mm, typically the same size as a fully low-light dilated human eye. The Weathermaster III is waterproof and rubber armoured for protection so it can be used in all weathers, or left in safety on a cockpit sole immersed in sea water! Supplied with case, floatation strap.

Top quality BaK4 optics and solid, reliable mecanics make this bino a stunning bargain.

These binos are a great general use size and are regarded as the standard size for astronomy - with an almost ideal relationship between magnification and aperture, the 7x50 size will deliver stunning astro-target image brightness than binos with a higher magnification to aperture ratio. This size is often referred to as a "night glass" as it has great light gathering power and will show the user a much brighter twilight image than most other sizes (they are highly favoured by yachtsmen for this reason).

The Weathermaster is a serious binocular for astronomers and yachtsmen: all lenses and prisms are BaK4 glass with all glass surfaces fully anti-reflection coated. The rugged rubber armoured body has a comfortable high quality feel and features a tripod fitting bush (again, making this binocular ideal for astronomy use).

Supplied with padded carry case, dust caps and wide padded neck strap.


Lenses and prisms: BaK4 glass

Magnification: x7

Weight: 750g

FOV: 115m at 1000m

A great 7x50 general purpose, astro and marine glass!

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