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Sky Watcher AZ Pronto Alt-Azimuth Mount & Tripod

Sky Watcher AZ Pronto Alt-Azimuth Mount & TripodSky Watcher AZ Pronto Alt-Azimuth Mount & TripodSky Watcher AZ Pronto Alt-Azimuth Mount & Tripod

1 495 kr

Pris inklusive moms: 1 495 kr
Beräknad leveranstid: 14 dagar

Ideal No Fuss, Grab-and-Go Telescope Mounting for Easy Visual Astronomy as well as Daytime Terrestrial Observations!

The Sky-Watcher AZ PRONTO is a lightweight, highly portable Alt-Azimuth mount constructed from cast aluminium, designed to attach small telescopes up to 3kg in weight, fitted with a 45mm dovetail bar. The aluminium telescopic tripod legs can be extended and clamped in any position using the integral leg locks. Supplied with two flexible slow-motion cables, one for vertical and one for horizontal smooth fine motion control. The slow motion cables can be positioned in a choice of two different positions on each axis, making it convenient to control both refractor and reflector telescopes. The mount can also be moved around each axis manually, for rapid panning and elevation adjustments. Accurately tracks distant moving objects with ease. This delightfully convenient and well engineered grab-and-go mounting is suitable for both terrestrial observations and astronomical viewing.


Helical Worm Gear Drive: AZ Axis 180 Teeth, ALT Axis 116 Teeth

Mount Rotation Angle (Continuous): 360° (Azimuth), -70° to + 90° (Altitude)

Payload Capacity: 3kg

45mm Sky-Watcher/Vixen Dovetail Saddle

2 x Flexible Slow-Motion Axis Drive Cables

21.5cm Extension Tube

3/8" Threaded Connections

Extendable Aluminium Tripod with Accessory Tray

Height of Tripod/Mount (excl. OTA): 78.5cm - 150cm

Total Overall Weight: 3.85kg

Highly portable quality Alt-Az mount

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