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1.25" combined T-mount camera adaptor and eyepiece projection unit

1.25" combined T-mount camera adaptor and eyepiece projection unit1.25" combined T-mount camera adaptor and eyepiece projection unit

235 kr

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T-ringadapters till systemkameror
T-ringadapters till systemkameror
100 kr

Pris inklusive moms: 235 kr
Lagerstatus: I lager

Two-part 1.25" camera adaptor. This adaptor allows any digital or film interchangeable lens SLR (single lens reflex) camera to be attached to any 1.25" eyepiece holder (however, the additional T-ring camera adaptor required for this is not included). See lower picture for detail of T mount and eyepiece position (please note: the eyepiece the eyepiece is for illustration purposes only and is not included!)

This versatile adaptor is used for prime-focus and eyepiece-projection astrophotography with SCTs and refractors. It can also be used successfully with many Newtonian telescopes that either have removable sections on the eyepiece holder (to allow the camera to reach focus), or by employing a 2x Barlow lens to extend the focus point (see Barlows) - bear in mind that the latter will greatly increase the image scale.

The front nosepiece section can be removed (click image for more) and is threaded to take T-mount ring adaptors for your particular brand of camera (not included). Using the nosepiece alone allows simple prime-focus photography - can also be combined with a Barlow lens to increase the image scale. The rear section screws onto the nosepiece and is designed to hold a 1.25" eyepiece (ideally a mid-focal length Plossl, say a 12.5 to 20mm) for eyepiece-projection photography, with a thumb screw to lock the eyepiece in position.

Made entirely of aluminium with anodised black finish - great quality feel. These adaptors sell for anything up to three times our price.

A great camera adaptor for 35mm and Digital SLRs

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