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Astrophotography with Mark Thompson

Astrophotography with Mark ThompsonAstrophotography with Mark Thompson

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Philip's Astrophotography With Mark Thompson is an essential guide for anyone wishing to photograph or image the stars and planets, written by TV's favourite astronomer. This guide is an ideal starting place for anyone wishing to learn how to image the night sky with just a camera alone or through a telescope.

For many people, looking at the sky is not enough and they would love to try and capture what they can see. Until a few years ago, capturing astronomical images was fraught with many challenges, but with the development of digital cameras replacing film, things have become much easier and great astronomical images are now within the reach of even the most novice stargazer. Mark Thompson has spent many years capturing the beauty of the night sky, first with film and now with the digital camera, and has discovered and overcome many of the pitfalls. This book takes the reader on a journey through the world of capturing astronomical images from using the humble mobile phone to specialist cameras, brought to life with Mark's personal experiences and many of his own astronomical images.

Covers convetional astrophotography and digital techniques as well as CCD imaging and the use of digital cameras. Fully illustrated with more than 100 full colour photographs and artworks.

160 pages, 230 x 160mm

A thorough and readable guide to recording the night sky! Maria

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